Tem 222012

ECFMG resmi sitesinden yapılan açıklamaya göre, kuruluş ECFMG Certificate Holders Office (ECFMG sertifikası sahipleri birimi) isimli yeni bir servisi Temmuz 2012’den itibaren hizmete sokmuş bulunmaktadır. ECFMG sertifikalı hekimlere destek ve servis sağlamayı hedefleyen ECFMG, sertifika sahibi uluslararası hekimlere (IMG)  sertifikalandırma sonrası karar verme süreçlerinde de rol almayı planlıyor. ECFMG’nin resmi açıklamasını aşağıdan okuyabilirsiniz. ECFMG sertifikası sahipleri birimine ulaşmak içinde buraya tıklayabilirsiniz. Sevgi ve Saygıyla,  – USMER 



ECFMG® is pleased to announce the launch of the ECFMG Certificate Holders Office (ECHO), a new program that provides support and service to ECFMG-certified physicians, and physicians about to be certified, as they plan their careers. ECHO expands on the resources offered by ECFMG’s former Acculturation Program.

ECHO provides free resources that allow international medical graduates (IMGs) to be better prepared and organized in making important career decisions. In addition to allowing them to access ECFMG’s expertise, ECHO also enables IMGs to connect with other experts and organizations, and with each other, to learn, share, and network. ECHO’s feedback mechanisms offer new ways for IMGs to communicate with ECFMG on an ongoing basis, establishing a dialogue between ECFMG and the physicians it certifies.

As ECFMG’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel G. Cassimatis, M.D., observes, “Providing these additional services to the physicians we certify enhances their professional development. ECHO also strengthens the relationship between ECFMG and IMGs, extending our connection beyond ECFMG Certification and ensuring opportunities for IMGs to tell us what they need and how we can better meet these needs.”

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